The El Wire Mask: A Must-Have for the Club

When you’re headed to the club to dance the night away, you don’t want to blend in with the crowd. You want to be the one that everyone notices sidling up to the bar and showing off your moves on the dance floor. The right accessories can make you the one that everyone watches throughout the night, especially when what you wear is something no one has seen before. That’s why the El Wire Mask is the perfect finishing touch for any man or woman’s clubbing outfit.
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Turn Neon to Turn Things On!

Have you ever been in a situation when and where the flow takes ages to ebb? It could be a party, a date, a special dinner at home or just an evening out with friends. It could be a social gathering, a short getaway or a long holiday. Somehow and for more than one reason, anything that can be called happening takes time to buildup and once it hits the flow, nothing can stop the ebb. Getting to that threshold is a challenge. It is also possible that you don’t get to hit that icebreaker soon enough. That is why you need to turn things on.
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Turn Neon Offers A Broad Range Of Neon Products

Why is the world turning to neon signs?

Neon signs are made using electrified, luminous tubes that have esoteric neon and other gases. Neon technology is used in various applications, from signage’s, skin therapy, entertainment and fashion. It is great for illumination and beautification, and can be used by so many people for decorative purposes.
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Fashion is rapidly changing all over the world as new trends are replacing old ones. Neon gears have become an essential part of this fashion evolution and lots of people are embracing the culture. Here at Turn Neon, we want to make your dreams of owning a light up Neon El Wire LED Mask a reality. If best is what you’re looking for, look no further. Login into our website at turnneon and place your order. Our apparel lines are suitable for a number of events and activities but mostly parties. Don’t forget to carry your prized El Wire Mask be it to birthday parties, office parties or bachelor parties. Be the life of the party and light up your friends with our LED Mask. Our past clients hold us in high regard, therefore join the bandwagon and rock with the best!

Turn Neon – Look Stylish With Our Neon Apparels

Do you wish to stand out in a crowd? Do you want to be the centre of attention at a club, social gathering? Turn Neon’s LED apparels can make you the centre of attention at any social gathering. Combining flashy with funky, Turn neon has made LED apparels the new ‘in’ thing in the fashion industry.
From masks to shoelaces, whatever it is, the flashing LED makes these outfit unique and special. You sure wouldn’t be lost in a crowd. LED clothing is for the eccentric people, as they are more fun loving and are more open to experimenting with new stuff. These apparels are great for photoshoots, parties, nightclubs as well as music festivals. With our line of LED clothing, Turn neon has seriously combined fashion with technology harmoniously.
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Be a Party flicker with turn neon led mask

Light up the party darkness with turn neon el wire mask and get everyone thrilled with your glowing, dangerous party face. Be good or be bad but do a lot of fun killing the silence behind the dark. Be it a DJ party at friend’s venue or a club, wear turnneon led mask, jump on the floor, and dance like the way you are.
Express what is inside you with type of led mask on your face. If you want to express the horror at Halloween party wear skull mask, terror mask, or blue predator. If you want to get a break from your recent breakup, just hold on to broken heart mask and jump on the DJ floor while showing others your lightened face than the sad one behind it.
Let all others eyes in the party venue look at you and only you, no one else. Do not restrict yourself with thinking like what others will say or feel about your new funky style having el wire mask lighting up on your face. Rather just make this small life an unforgettable one for others. With turn neon, led mask get a glowing look that will make you the only attraction of the party.
Get a break from usual rave party that make you feel tiresome and bored; wear the terror el wire led mask and let everyone thrilled with terrifying you. With this terror mask, when you will jump on the floor, one thing you will get for sure is a lot of attention and a lot of terrifying sound of girls.
With unique design and material, choose the best led mask by turn neon from our store and be ready to rock your life every time you are going to be a part of theme party where you can get a chance to tear the darkness.

Turn Neon- The Elite Provider of Neon Gears

Are you one of those individuals who are searching for the best provider of neon gears online? If your answer is yes, you don’t need to look any further since Turn Neon is the ultimate solution to your problem. We are considered as the avant-garde, modern mind light up apparel line. In the present time, there are plenty of companies that offer neon gears but it is very important that you choose for the best one that you can trust and depend on.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to neon gears, Turn Neon is the best choice to consider since we are professional and expert in providing our valued clients with top quality neon gears. With us, you can be sure that you will get the best and stunning neon gears you are looking for. In terms of our prices, our clients don’t need to worry since we offer affordable prices that will fit with your income and budget. Our Turn Neon team is professional and competent in providing our clients with first class quality neon gears.

Our Products

  • Neon Orange Knockout El Wire LED Mask
  • Neon Big Terror El Wire LED Mask
  • Neon Grin Reaper LED El Wire Mask
  • Glow Fur Hood with Rainbow LED Lights
  • Neon Earring Stud
  • LED Fedora Hat
  • Neon Knockout El Wire LED Mask
  • LED Rave Party Sunglasses
  • Neon Skull El Wire LED Mask
  • Neon Blue Predator El Wire LED Mask

Our lights appeal to exhibitionist, thrill seeker and part animal. With every head-turning light show, you will exude your innate personality. With our Turn Neon gear, you can make a powerful and sexy impression. With every pulse and light that matches the beat of music, we want to enhance and match your zest and enthusiasm for life. It is true that life is just like beautiful memories, keeping your rhythm and finding your rhythm. With Turn Neon, we allow you to let your creativity roam free and let your inner light glow. If you want to try and avail our neon goods and gear, please feel free to visit our store at and we will be happy and pleased to help and assist you with your specific needs.

The Neon Light Revolution

Photoshoot2 Photoshoot3.Photoshoot1


We’re taking over.

Turn Neon has burst onto the night scene with one goal in mind: to provide the best. The best ambience, the best conversations, the best connections made: stemming from the best light up apparel, period.

What’ve we been up to? Ah, maaan. Where to begin?

Maybe with the beginning. Launching Turn Neon has been nothing short of exciting! What we want is to drop jaws – and the jaws hit the floor after the Turn Neon photoshoot! Our EL Wire Masks and assortment of light up apparel (from light up LED bras to light up LED hats, shoes and ties) illuminated the night as the Turn Neon team of models displayed our edgy philosophy to the max, striking pose after pose. We wanted to showcase what we are about, and we succeeded. Check the pictures!

Sexy. Glamorous. Dark shadows and neon sheen. It starts here. Join Turn Neon on our quest to light up every dark corner in the world!