We are Turn Neon, a striking light up apparel line made for you to Light Up The Night. Our Lights appeal to the exhibitionist, the party animal, the thrill seeker, the wild child in us all. With each head-turning light show and each brilliant, modern mind design, you will exude your innate personality, throwing back shadows every time you take stride.

Make a sexy and powerful impression with Turn Neon gear. Break the ice and form new connections. Leave your personal stamp everywhere you go, because with each Light and every pulse that matches the beat of the music, we want to match and enhance your enthusiasm and zest for life.

After all, life is finding your rhythm, keeping your rhythm, and beautiful memories made and to be made. And of course, it is about the moment - what’s happening right now. This is what Turn Neon is about.

Evoke that: Celebrations. Raves. Intimate gatherings.

Let your creativity roam free. Let your inner Light glow.

Party on.

Turn Neon.